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OK, I researched it and it really, really makes sense to start contacting other business's and find someone who can "install pipe" or weld if need be. I am willing to bet it will save you $500-$800 by finding a place a little more flexible.
What I found: Summit Racing has the direct fit catltic converters to connect to the stock headers which will put you back to a "Y" pipe which means you would have to purchase a catback. The catalytic converters with correct flanges cost $320.00-$550.00. Catbacks cost $300-$600. Some kind of fabrication needs to be done for a true dual. Catted "X" or "H" pipes are available but I couldn't find them quickly.
I hope you can find a better solution. Did they provide you the emissions test sheet showing that the catlytic converters are bad? Just wondering.
Hope that's some kind of help. Please update. Good luck with it.

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