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2001 Mustang V6 crank but no start after sitting several days

I have a 2001 Mustang V6 and have been having issues with no start after sitting a week or so since new fuel pump/sender/filter and CCRM installed by dealer in October 2010. The car failed to start initially and I had it towed to the Ford dealer. First, they replaced the CCRM because they said it lost communication with the computer system. Then, they replaced the fuel pump/sender and fuel filter. The car started and ran fine until I parked it for 2 weeks in the winter. I tried both keys checked all the fuses and inertia switch and all good. The PATS read correctly (blinking when key off and on for 3 seconds with ign on). After a few days, I tried it and it started but I had to hold the throttle down about half way until it smoothed out. After that, I drove it almost every day and no problems. Made a recent trip from KY to Chicago and back with no problems. The car has sat for 8 days without being started. I go out to start it today and I turn the key on, hear the fuel pump, start it and it only ran for about 2 seconds. Repeated, ran about 2 seconds and quit. Now I can't hear the pump nor will it fire up. I checked everything I checked when it did it in the winter. Everything seems to be in order. I don't have a fuel pressure gauge, but if I push the schrader valve in and have someone turn the ign to on--I get no fuel. Anybody have any suggestions? I may go out there tomorrow, and it start right up and run fine. Weird.

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