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Post Clutch fiasco

Hello all,
I recently went to get my clutch replaced. Got a call saying that a flange was cracked so it was another 150 to weld it. I went to check out what it was and couldnt see the issue but the car sounded like it was running without exhaust pipes. (this was over my lunch break and didnt have much time check it out.

Short story long i get the car back with crack patched and clutch smooth as silk. its right around the corner from me so car didnt get hot.

today i get home from work and hear sizzling from a drip on something hot.

below are the pics of what appears to be a missing part.

I bought the car with an after market exhaust and other than a CAI nothing was ever done to the car in last 6 years (aside from scheduled maint)

any idea what's missing, how it could have happened and how mad i should be?


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