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I agree, would venture a guess on the purge canister. Exactly same issue I had a while back. Cost a couple bucks at AutoZone for a couple fee of new tube and fixed right up...after having already replaced the solenoid. solenoid may have some kind of buildup or is wornout and best to replace if youre getting that code. As for the purge canister, it is best to replace the hose going to it. On the passenger side, find the solenoid, follow the black hose running from it to passenger side front fender. The hose will go through the engine compartment to the area under that front feder and you will find it under the fendr close to below where the antenna is. should be a simple and cheap fix for the hose. If has been a problem for a long time, may need to swap the purge canister. You'll want to disconnect battery cable afterward to clear the code, then take it for a drive. You'll want to take care of this soon if inspection is coming due. They'll fail you on emissions testing if it still throws the code.

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