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race kit from tma is 3995, street kit is 3370.
I just got thru talking to a rep there and now i am on the ordering process. I suggested to him an order form and now we are waiting on that. Supposedly he will work one up this weekend.

Here is the message from Andy:
race kit is actually discounted at $3995. Street kit will be $100 dollars cheaper then whats on the website.

ME-This is for a 3.8L? Does it include downpiping?

Yes its for a 3.8L.

Yes it does include the 3 piece headers which are the left and right bank headers and the crossover pipe that merges to a t4 turbo with wastegate dump pipes. Includes 3" exhaust dump that splits into a dual 2.5" y pipe between tranny and driveshaft area. Includes 3" intercooler pipes to throttle body.

If you want just the piping kit i can sell the piping for $1800 for street kit and $2300 for race.

Just e-mail them, they are pretty nice.

As for a supercharger, here is a link to ATI procharger kits. They have different kits at different prices. starting at 4196.

hope this helps a bit.

Oh and by the way, I dont mean to sound harsh or to try to make you change your mind, I have a lot of friends with 350z's, toyota supra's, 240sx's... and so on.
I made the mistake of betraying my stang. You may have gotten ripped off, but dont make the situation worse. You may put yourself in a place that i went to and would want no one else to go.

I ran into issues (legally) with my last mustang, and ended up losing it. I bought a Lexus, and an xterra. Now i am having trouble with my love and interest on working on cars. Those two discouraged me sooooo much.

On top of that, parts are imported (at least for the lexus) which made them pretty expensive.
and they are not exactly simple to work with either.
All in all it IS your choice. and the best of luck to you.

Just trying to get the 02 steady again...
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