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Originally Posted by BLK 5.0 View Post
Wow............thanks for the info! I disabled (unplugged) the skip shift today and goodbye notchy 1->2 shift. I was never really bothered by it and new it was speed dependent and pretty much got used to driving around it. But I have always felt a little resistance when short shifting into 2nd from 1st when driving in the neighborhoods. My theory is that even though the info center did not indicate a skip shift condition, the skip shift solenoid had begun to move or just flat out interferes with the shift. All I know now is I can shift when ever I want to and at any speed I want to and it is super smooth. Now I only put about 10 miles on the car with skip shift disabled so only time will tell. Will report back after a couple of hundred miles. Might even reconnect skip shift to verify.
Please let us know. I'm having notchy shifting among other things with my tranny. If this helps I'm going to try it until I can get a tune that disables it.

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