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Transmission issues AODE 96 3.8

Hey everyone, just want to say hi to everyone and many thanks in advance for everyone who views and /or respond to this message

So i have a 96 wid a AODE transmission

and gear 2 3 probaly 4 has been slipping alot!, never changed the tranni oil or filter (3 year with only about 10000km driving she a winter storage car)

In first gear it grabs great but it wont switch into 2nd gear unless i let go of the gas wait 2-3 second and then it goes into 2nd(even under light acceleration) if i dont let go of the gas it rev all the way to redline and waits for me to let go

Once in second between 1000-2500rpm it grabs , once i slam the gas to WOT it just feel like i did a NEUTRAL DROP @ 4000rpm and then grabs and yanks the car forward

3rd gear is pretty much the same, it does shift to 3rd but it just slips all the way after 2000 rpms on wot acceleration on the highway under mild acceleration its fine

Any ideas what i should do?
Thanks a lot guys!

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