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i had a 73 bronco, 347 stroker, 4.11 gears, dual was built for a dirt race truck then i got it and made it for the street, bright yellow, no doors, full roll cage, 4" suspension lift with 35" mickey thompson baja claws on 16x10 eagle alloy rims. it was awesome. i outran many of my friends z71's and f150's. they have theirs modded out, my cousin even has a 88 f150 4x4 with 33" mudkings running a 302 that is completely modded and it used to be the fastest til he pulled beside my bronco. bronco was an auto and when i took off i could spin thru 1st and 2nd then when it would hit third u could feel the rear end move over a lil bit, it was very strong. never got a chance to hit any mud i ended up sellin it and buyin an s10 so i could have a heater for the winter. just thought id share that. nice bronco tho man, im gonna build another very soon.....well as soon as i supercharge the stang.
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