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Originally Posted by jpuhalla View Post
I bought my 2011 brand new back in January. When I bought it, the colors where perfect. I started noticing about a month later that the fiberglass bumpers are turning more of a creamy white color compared to the crisp white of the rest of the car. It can be hard to notice under certain lightin conditions.
When I took it in to the dealer today for my first oil change i pointed it out to them. It is now becoming easy to notice. They agreed that there is definately a color change. They took it to thier body shop and they said that the paint cures on fiberglass differently than the metal on the rest of the body and there is nothing they can do. So the dealer called ford and they said the same thing. Then the dealer called an independent body shop and they also said they can't do anything.
So now I'm frustrated that I paid a lot of money for a car that doesnt have matching bumpers. I'm going to call ford customer service and see if there is truly nothing that can be done.
So my question is if this is happening to anybody else? They said it happens on all cars but the performance white makes it a lot easier to notice.
Hello jpuhalla,

My name is Deysha with Ford Customer Service. I did some research about this for you and found that the info provided to you by your dealer is correct. Paint will always look slightly different on metal surface versus a plastic surface. It’s just the difference in materials. Some are more noticeable than others.

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