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so the reQ has a set of input wires for the signal. there's a dozen wires on there for all speakers, including a set for factory subs. which ones are best to use if you have the reQ in the trunk and want to draw signal from the rear deck speakers? simply cut the wires going to the rear speakers, twist the ends and clamp them in a butt splice and then clamp that corresponding wire for that reQ into the other side of the splice?

i'm doing my best to spell everything out before i start cutting wires

power wire for the reQ comes from the battery, can be lumped in with the wire where it connects to the amp
ground wire is lumped in with the amp ground
no need for turn on as it senses from input
two sets (right and left) to pull signal from the rear deck speakers
RCA outputs from reQ then go to sub input on amp
for amp, remote turn on is from fuse box, run over to passenger side and travels length of the car with the power wire into the trunk

i hope this is it. sometimes it helpful to talk things out lol
please correct me if i'm wrong on anything here. is there a better way to do it?

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