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Factory amp needs to be plugged in for speakers to work?

I have a 2000 Mustang and had Best Buy put in my Kenwood head unit to replace factory AM/FM + CD Player (non 460). I look and I see what looks to be a small amplifier. After a lot of work, I take it out, thinking I probably don't need it. Besides, isn't that what my head unit's for? To give it a little bit of juice? I take it out, thinking it was redundant, since if it was there, it would be amplifying an already amplified signal from the head unit. I plug everything back in.... no worky. Does the factory amp complete the circuit or something? Any way I can keep the damn thing out of my car and still connect the speakers? The wiring harness for that thing is ridiculously hard to get to. Took me forever to get it off the thing. It would take me days to crimp a connector on it.

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