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Originally Posted by aquill1 View Post
No, I just talk down to you hating on the 2010. The exhaust in the 2010 that I test drove was very very quiet, I drove both back-to-back and the 2011 was too quiet (perhaps it is the difference between manual/auto.) Others have felt the same way about the exhaust.
I wholeheartedly agree. My dad has a '10 GT and the I have an '11 GT. We lined them up side by side, turned them on and then listened to both of them from outside of the cars. The '10 GT 3V is very obviously louder than my 5.0 is. The 5.0 *is* too quiet. The sound quality of the 4.6 is better, IMO, as well. It's deeper and has more bass.

I remedied that by switching to a set of GT500 ABs.

You don't care when my car was built or what options it has.
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