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Well I went to the track a month ago and used the brake for the first time. It was quite comical.:hihi: I went to stage the adrenaline set in, I pushed the button so damn hard I bent the mount then my finger slipped off the button. The car launches forward and my first thought was no that isn't what I wanted to do so I pushed the button to try suppose to do that either and let go and the car launches! After all that, the other mustang was able to keep up with me.....a little.

YouTube - ‪5/7/2011 CLIP0095‬‏

I got horrible r/t times as I was still trying to learn this thing. I ended up going back to foot braking, well holding rpm alittle over idle the slamming it to the floor. My 2 step pill was only 3k which wasn't much of a build up. I bought new pills and will try that out in a couple weeks when I go to NMRA. Will only use the brake though for one pass just to see otherwise the old way. I gotta be on my game for r/t's with these guys, they don't mess around.

Here is my best pass of that day. A 10.28 not bad but I know it can do better. A new torque converter is on the list but money is tight so I have to wait alittle.

YouTube - ‪5/7/2011 CLIP0097‬‏

The Shine's are cooking up some serious HP and have been very quiet lately. Makes me alittle nervous to know that a damn V6 will be able to keep up with me/ possibly beat me BUT......until I see a time slip showing that, they can talk all the smack they want and I know I'm faster!

93' LX hatch, 460 w/150 plate, TH400, 9" w/ 3.60 spool. Best (so far!) of [email protected] 146 mph with 1.40 spinning 60' on steel heads
Been saying single digit coming for 3 years.....guess I finally made it!
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