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Reading the comments, apparently the black guy stole a civic and swapped the parts onto his car, and has a rep on the street for doing such. Then the story changed to one of his thug buddies stole a car, and he wouldn't rat him out. All i can say is any thief is gonna get what comes to him. I hate thieves with a passion.

On a positive note, thats the good thing I can say about muscle cars, and mustangs in general, is any of the carshows around here are mainly made up of ppl of all ages, but esp the older crowd who bring out their beauties, and sit around in lawn chairs, reminiscing about the good ole days and all the past cars they have had. Even if someones car isnt liked that much for w/e reason, there is still a certain respect everyone at the show gives to one another. I grew up on old fashion shows like these.

I can say though times are changing and in my area, the shows as mentioned above are unfortunately fading away. All the younger crowd want imports, and not a day goes by i dont see a whaletail that probably costs more than the car it sits on. I might have to move.
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