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Originally Posted by Lolly View Post
I called today just to find out what oil they use since there were 2 listed (according to my husband). The car is about a quart low on oil and has a little over 1300 miles on it. Oil life shows 89%. Talked to my dealership today, and they want to see the car. Advised me against putting oil in it and just bring it to them? Anybody know what this could be about?
Hi Laura,

I have 900km (somewhere around 600 miles) and I'm down 1/2 quart. I expected that. New engines tend to use a bit until the rings fully seat.

Same happened to the Hemi in the Road Runner after I rebuilt it. First thousand miles or so it used a quart. Now it goes all season without losing any oil.

I just went to the Ford dealer and picked up a quarter of the Premium semi-synthetic 5W20 and topped it up. I'll put synthetic in it after the first oil change.

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