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It's located behind the radio, slightly below it, mounted to the floor. I ask because I'm planning on putting an aftermarket amplifier into my car. I just wonder what happens to the signal if I add the aftermarket.

Originally [Factory Head Unit - Factory Amp Thing (described above) - Speakers]
Now [Kenwood Head Unit - Aftermarket Wiring Harness - Factory Amp Thing - Speakers]
Future [Kenwood Head Unit PreOuts - Aftermarket Amp - Aftermarket Wiring Harness - Factory Amp Thing - Speakers]

The third setup is what has me worried... what happens if you amplify an already amplified signal?

I've taken a look at the way it's setup, and it would take A LOT of work to rewire the speakers to the amplifier if I were to forgo the existing speaker wires that lead to the wiring harness.
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