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To do a 3.8 to 5.0 swap I know you have to change computers ..... I dunno fi that would make them compatable. I'll have to look that up. but ford may had made them compatible to save time and money ^^ do some searching around for ya Rangr.

Here is some info.

Ford Motor Sports however FMS advised me not to use the 94-95 computer as it is a lot more refined and less aggressive compared to the earlier ones. In 89 Ford introduced the Mass Air EFI to Mustangs (88 in C.A.) and the automatic 89 computer is the most aggressive computer you can get. It was the first year for Mass Air on Mustangs and they wanted flat out performance. Since automatics were a little slower than the sticks they made the automatic computer a little more aggressive than the stick. Of course any 89-93 computer is a good choice. Just avoid the 94-95 computers if you can. If you want to use the 89 automatic computer and wiring harness with a T5 (which is what I am doing) be sure to also have the automatic O2 sensor harness. As for wiring the Mustang computer into the Rangers wiring harness ? I got the wiring harness manual on page 47 of the 98 FMS catalog. It's only five bucks and shows how to splice and connect the Mustangs wiring into another vehicles wiring. It's real simple if you have a diagram showing what each wire is for.

Looking for more on the 3.8 or 5.0.

But it looks like this 89 computer is a sweet deal.

"Also, I know a new wiring harness would be required for this ... swap from 3.8L to 5.0L HO mustang"
couldn't find this post, but it was on this forum

Seems like needed new wiring harness for his swap froma 3.8 to a 5.0 - dunno if it was a mustang.

In this Post.

It says "I have a '94 V6 and am wanting to change it to a 5.0L HO. I know I need a new computer and wiring harness for the change"

So I'm guessing the harness is different.

- And that guy prolly won't do the swap lol

Hope the info has been sufficient Rangr! good luck on finding the wiring harness for a 5.0 I'll keep an eye out for one if I come across any for a good price, I'll let ya know.

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