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Thanks. That website looks like it might be the ticket. They did have some wrecked stangs they were parting out that fit what I need. I e-mailed them to find out if they had the harness. As far as my Ranger goes: I've had the 302 in there for over 8 years now, and yes it does quite well. My gas mileage just isn't what I want so I'm hoping the fuel injection will boost it quite a bit. It only gets about 14.5 normally. Strangely enough it gets upwards of 16.5 when I'm carrying a load. My Mustang on the other hand gets about 20 normal driving, 24-25 highway. Twice I have gotten 28 on long trips. Seems it is geared in such a way that 80+ MPH is about the optimal speed for best mileage (75MPH speed limit in AZ). The overall gearing is very close in both vehicles, so I know part of the mileage is the injection vs. carb. Anyway, if I can get the mileage up to 18 normal driving I will be very happy. Thanks again for your help.

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