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Originally Posted by Joenpb View Post
Yes I had the base stereo system.

Mounted the amp under the passenger seat (removed), I also used a 4GA amp kit w/ 60-80A fuse to connect to the battery, 12GA speaker wire, 10 ft RCA cables, & a couple of hi/low level adapters (JL XD CLRAIC2-SW). Line converters aren't necessary because the amp has built in line converter & can handle line level or speaker level inputs. I also hooked up an amp remote level control (JL HD RLC), basically a potentiometer to control the amps output to the subwoofer. I attached it inside the console, and adjust as necessary. Basically on the radio I set the treble up a notch or two, keep the base flat, then adjust it with the remote.

Besides sounding great, my system looks stock, out of sight, out of mind, when I'm in town. Good luck.
So does the factory head unit have RCA plugs in the back or did you use speaker level inputs?
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