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Originally Posted by thedarkside View Post
I have had my 2011 GT for 2 months now. Ever since I got it my Escort radar detector has periodically gone off on the Lasar band for no reason. I have done a search on some other forums and they talked about a possible electrical spike or surge causing this. Another poster thought it had something to do with the Variable valve timing on his vehicle. Has anybody experienced this and if so is there a solution?
Escorts tend to do that but not alert all the time when the laser threat is real lol.... When I had mine EVERY TIME I used to drive past an airport, go through a toll booth, or go by a vehicle with some kind of strobe light on top the laser warning would go off.

Another possibility is that they are false positives created by the tail lights of others; although if it happens that often I doubt it. Some tail lights on certain cars re-create light in the lidar spectrum (904nm).

Do you use any kind of IR (infrared) device in the car? A remote control? A laptop? A phone with an IR link port? Maybe even a garage door opener?

Have you tried relocating the detector? Perhaps some wavelengths of the sun bouncing off the hood of the car are causing a false positive.

If it was a radar band that was giving you a false positive then you could look towards interference from electrical devices in the car.

The fact that its a laser band points to only a few sources...

When escorts fall out of calibration they also do funky crap until one day you power them on and they display an error message and you have to send it in for service.

VVTI is a VERY simple system controlled by hydraulics, pickup sensors, and solenoids. Forms of variable timing have been on cars for a good solid 20 years.

Is this a new detector?

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