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Well said. That is why I traded my imports for GT.
V8 power that achieves better gas mileage than imports' 4 bangers....

Back to the topic, my average city is 18mpg with ac and stop and go traffic with 100s temp outside. Well above Ford's numbers... I believe it will get better!

2. The Mustang weighs almost 2-tons with driver and full fuel tank. Find me another car that weighs almost 2-tons with an engine anywhere close to 5.0L/400hp that achieves better than 20mpg under realistic city driving conditions, even 300hp.

3. The 5.0L engine is approx 205% larger than a 2.4L Honda Civic SI making 201 HP @ 7000rpm, and that Japanese designed engine is only rated to achieve 22 mpg and 31mpg hwy, or 25mpg combined cycle, and it weighs 800lbs less. Shouldn't a car with 1/2 the engine specs, less weight, and a more aerodynamic package be able to achieve dramatically better mileage? Again, what gives?


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