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Originally Posted by Fastredponycar View Post
my ipod has never worked. The ipod display screen says that this device is not compatible

WTF??? I have to run an aux cable from the headphone jack into the aux input to use the ipod.
Me too but my IPOD is pretty old and I have to use the aux and plug back there because it won't work if I plug into the USB at all. No big deal someday I will buy a new IPOD.

My phone won't sync very well and that frustrates me because its an Incredible less then 2 years old and should sync. A friend has a brand new Incredible 2 and it sync'd right up and stayed. Mine I have to use my phone but will go thru the car. But it always disconnects after being in the car 5 minutes. I re-sync it and then it will stay connected.

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