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1999 Mustang GT with 2001 motor swap, wont fire. Please help

First off thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope that you will be able to help me out in some way to get a 4 month project off the ground and back onto the streets.
I'm not a master mechanic but know just a little bit, enough to do your typical maintenance, overhauls, and swaps.
I come from a drifting background so all I've had to this point were japanese cars and I came upon this car when my uncle gave it to me. He was going to sell it to his mechanic for dirt cheap like $1000 but I wanted to experience it so he gave it to me.
Blown spark plug hole? No problem, nothing taking the head to a machine shop or a motor swap won't fix right? here's my problem.

The Problem and background story on it
First off my Mustang is a 1999 (2000 model)
My uncle had an issue with the a sparkplug being blown out, got it heli coiled 2 times and after I got it done myself for a 3rd time I decided to just get another motor instead of fixing the original.

Picked up another 4.6 on Craigslist but its a "01" or "02" model
(I forget) but man what a pain this has been.
The seller claimed the motor was good, it was pulled running, so I took the guys word and went with the install.
First the motor was seized, took 1 big bottle of marvel mystery oil and 3 days to get that thing unstuck, then it turns out it was seized because it had a blown headgasket. This was after I got it unseized, slapped everything back on and tried to start it.

So now thanks to Summit Racing, it has:
new head gaskets(done properly)
new head bolts(torqued through the proper process and spec)
timing done correctly(so I hope, I don't think there's any way you can really go wrong with it since I had the book on me)

and yeah I slap everything back on, everything is grounded, wired, plugged in, fresh battery, I go to start it and it sounded like it fired a bit and was about to start but after that it just kept churning with no explosion sounds coming from the cylinders.

Now the car has been sitting there for about 7 months with 3/4 of gas in the tank. I tried putting octane booster in there but I'm sure that gas is just too bad and needs to be thrown out.

Tried to use starter fluid with 50% ether and after spraying some in the throttle body well it sounded like it wanted to start but still nothing.

I plugged in the obd2 code reader thingy and it gives me 0 error codes. I made sure everything is all hooked up and wired correctly, grounded, full battery.

So now I'm trying to rule out that it's just bad gas.

To recap in total:
1999 car 4.6 was swapped with another "01" or "02" 4.6(block only)
with everything done correctly and no full start up of the car but just a few teases.

Now for the questions

Is there any easy way to empty out the gas without dropping the tank? My tank is the Anti-siphon tank.

What if I switch out the old gas and it still doesn't fire?
(I was thinking even with the starter fluid it would get a few rotations out of it before quitting but the car didn't even fully start)

I have a theft light that blinks, could it be the factory anti theft system not allowing me to start it?
(The only other person I know who has some knowledge about mustangs told me that it could be the anti theft system, or PATS.)

I appreciate any sort of help you can give me, I'm hoping that it is just the bad gas that's not letting it fire because I did get a flame scare because I didn't hold the intake tube closed tight, so I know that it has spark.
Just hoping that my friend wasn't right about the whole anti theft, key reflash thing because that's just stupid.

Thank you for your help, I await for your reply.

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