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The check list said to "STOP and find out why". The reason is anti-theft (PATS) is preventing your car from starting. No further tests were necessary.

Until the theft light goes out, this car will NEVER start. Note, PATS can be disabled with a hand held tuner.What kind of hand held tuner? I might be taking this to a mechanic a few miles away because he's very experienced with Fords and has worked on many Mustangs so I'm sure he has it and will be able to fix it.

Have you swapped PCM or cluster? Are you positive the PCM is alive? Did you have any issues with the swap? Anything disconnected under the dash?
What's a PCM? Did not change the cluster since the motor was only 1 year newer(the motor was an original swap, I've seen some guys swap in the 5.0 into their V6, and other stuff but this is just a stock original motor replacement swap,block only. If I still needed to change the cluster then that would just boggle my mind.)
No issues with the swap except for the motor being seized and with a blown headgasket, nothing is disconnected under the dash.

Are you POSITIVE that fuses F2.21, F2.34, F2.5, and F2.37 are good? Don't cut corners here. A blown fuse could easily cause this and you could be in for a world of electrical trouble shooting "hurt" for something simple.
Yep, it was the second thing I did after checking to make sure I didn't miss any unplugged wires or grounds.

Check out the following thread for information on how to access the cluster diagnostic. The cluster DTC's may provide clues about what's wrong.
Thank you for this, I will be checking it out this weekend when I get back. That is actually really cool, I've never seen any car that does that. Except for the G35s which all they do is blink a light so many times to look up the code and tell you what's wrong.
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