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Originally Posted by 412horses View Post
Yes, when SYNC is not in the mood to play the response to giving the voice command "USB" is it tells me there is no device.

By playing around I did find out one way to get the iPod to work again... if I unplug the USB cord and turn the iPod off then plug it back in allowing SYNC to turn on the iPod communication is restored.

What I don't understand is why the car gets confused when it's turned off and back on again. A new symptom has developed, this week SYNC and the iPod stopped communicating as I was driving even. So far this had only been happening when I start the car after a series of short trips.

Good news on the phone at least, I used the phone button then navigated to the Bluetooth menu on the phone and was able to get the phone working again without all the complex set up stuff. For some reason the Bluetooth menu had turned itself off.

SYNC performed perfectly the first two months now it's become a bit high maintenance. I may try the reset but I have to psych myself up for it.
Man just give up and use the AUX input like me. It makes it so much less frustrating. I'm a 30 year old and I build computers and work on computers all day long, play with smart phones, etc and even I think that this stuff is getting ridiculous.

Even if the sync lady in my dash goes full retard on me, I know that it's still better than my wife's Audi. EVERYTHING is controlled via a computer screen display. Radio, AC/heating car info, everything. You have to practically navigate a maze of menus just to change the air when in my car, I simply reach down and turn the little knob.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing and I think that a lot of car manufactuers are overstepping this limit. BMW kicked it off with that idrive garbage and it seems like everyone else had to go and follow. Yeah I think that SOME technology is good (as long as it works) but some stuff needs to stay simple.

one thing that really does bug me and maybe Jaclyn you can fill me in on if it's possible or something I'm overlooking or not but if I'm playing music off the usb thumb drive. I tell it to play all and it starts playing. So far so good. I know I have several different albums on the drive in separate folders but maybe I forgot what all I've put on it so I want to scroll from one folder to the next. Is this not possible?

I know that the left and right arrows go through tracks but the up and down arrows don't do anything. I just sort of intuitively assumed that that the up and down arrows would jump from folder to folder but they do nothing.

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