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The best parts website for me is:


IF you're a masochist or into self abuse in general.

My previous post from another thread:

"I think its a good idea to post our experiences with vendors. I never got around to posting my experience with Blue Oval Industries. The owner there is either a certified psychopath or on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I wanted to order 4 tire monitors for the winter and called him to ask about compatibility (there are different skus for the same product). He quickly lost his temper and had the nerve to raise his voice at me and HANG UP! Apparently he doesn't need business. I tried to call him back to tell him that I would cause his business a lot of pain on the internet and a popular mustang forum but he wouldn't answer. I sent him an email instead. This guy is nice to you only as long as you are placing an order. The longer you have him on the phone, the odds of Mr Hyde coming out are increased. Deal with him at your own peril."

Well done Joe Hick from Virginia, I told you I'd make you pay!

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