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2012 convertible subwoofer suggestions

I've found lots of radio help on here but I'm not finding a subwoofer solution for the 2011 - 2012 convertible. I'd love suggestions.

I had the shaker 1000 in my 2006 & though it wasn't awesome, it was enough for me. Now that I have my 2012 convertible w/ the Shaker 500, I need to do something to upgrade it. All of the cab speaker upgrade options are covered pretty well in other threads on here so i'm going to just focus on asking for help w/ a sub.

Keep in mind that I'm an adult and not interested in building custom boxes anymore or losing all my storage space. I just want to find something to drop in & have it be out of the way. i'm fine w/ buying separate enclosure, subs, & amp. I just don't want to build the box & worry about making it pretty / the right airspace.

here's stuff that I've found

Kicker makes a Shelby package that includes a 10" powered trunk sub. Here's are some install pics of the Shelby / Kicker sub in a coupe. unfortunately, they say this doesn't fit in my trunk. Attached is a pic of my trunk. if you look at the install pics above, you'll see the diff between the vert & coupe trunks.
2012 convertible subwoofer suggestions-3.jpg

MTX makes this box for the mustang w/ a single 12". you can get it powered but like the Shelby, it says it does not fit the convertible.

JL audio makes an expensive non-powered 13.5" sub for the mustang but it does not fit the convertible either. people say it sounds amazing.

Rockford Fosgate made this 12" powered sub more the 2009 saleen mustang which I was hoping would fit since it doesn't have anything to the left of the sub where the convertible has the conflict but I don't even know if you can get them anymore. I couldn't find them for sale let alone info about what cars they fit. they are no listed on the Saleen website.

Infinity makes this powered 10" sub that isn't made for the mustang but will fit in the convertible. don't know how it sounds but this seems to be the only thing that fits the vert.

I emailed shelby, kicker, jl, & mtx asking if they have a 2012 convertible solution. will let you know what I get back.

I saw a post saying people don't bother putting subs in the trunk of the convertible because there is a metal plate separating the interior from the trunk. I've attached a pic of my trunk. you see that white? that's the back of the seat w/ no metal. admittedly it's not a big opening but it sure seems like a box across the back would be do-able in the angled basically un-usable space w/ 2 10s facing rear and port it out the back & into the back of the seat.
2012 convertible subwoofer suggestions-2.jpg

also, I have the brembo brakes which means I don't have a spare. that leaves a large wasted space that seems perfect for a sub.
2012 convertible subwoofer suggestions-1.jpg

NOTE: according to posts on this site, there's a bass adapter that you need to get if tapping into the rear speakers because bass is turned down as volume is turned up. There are also rumors of a sub out port on the back of the radio but I haven't confirmed it.

thanks in advance for any help

WANTED: Rockford Fosgate / Saleen 12" powered subwoofer
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