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Originally Posted by banditgt View Post
From reading the service manual it doesn't look like it will immediately throw a code but there is a DTC code associated with it. It says the code is triggered when the computer doesn't receive the proper voltage or capacitance when the solenoid is suppose to actuate. I'm guessing if it is not causing a check engine light to come on that perhaps it throws a code in the background that will cause you not to pass emissions.

I would like to know for sure before unplugging it. After reviewing the system diagram and reading the service manual I am not so sure unplugging it is the best thing.
I don't see how the computer would know unless it monitors current flow through the solenoid lead. I will run one of those health reports this weekend and report back. Somebody mentioned something about a code in another thread.

Maybe if you unplug it, the computer sets a genius owner/driver code and allows the trans to shift smoother, engine not to tick, steering wheel buttons not to peel, front end bushings not to squeak, rear end not to clunk.........

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