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Originally Posted by Cbaty08 View Post
Just to remind (as I have posted this before..):

The FSE stated there is absolutely, 100% no harm done when unplugging skip=shift.

Essentially, I would presume that there is nothing possible to fail with the feature turned off... even if the computer realizes it is unplugged, and unless it's shooting a check engine light code or something to annoy you, there should be nothing to be harmed in unplugging it.
Agreed. There is no harm that can be done. I was just pointed out that the service manual has a DTC code listed for it. Perhaps it only looks at it when the solenoid is connected, but it clearly is looking at voltage and capacitance in the circuit from the system diagram.

Basically, there is no harm it can do, The only harm would be it either triggers a code that is detected during an emissions check or a Tech looks for it similar to how they physically look to see if you have cats....

go ahead and unplug it.

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