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Originally Posted by masonicmustang View Post
I think I know what you are talking about. When I start up in the morning If I try to just go right away the car will tend to hesitate as I accelerate. However imediately following that initial take off its fine. I have not had any issues with my car except for that one. I have talked to a few mechanics and it seems that although the thought process is that cars do not need to be "warmed up" anymore you still should not try a hard acceleration until you drive for a few minutes if it is your first crank up in the morning or whatever.
Yes, that's probably the best explanation I've heard. It definitely hesitates and feels as if it's revving a little differen't when cold when you're first taking off. I notice this not as much in the morning as I must drive slower but when I leave work I'm trying to get out of there, lol. And that's when I feel it right through the gas pedal and I start watching the tach. It definitely does seem to have that hesitation you mention though. Thanks for helping to clarify that!
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