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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
Stock hood is great, don't get me wrong, but I prefer the Saleen or VIS ones that look really sick.
I agree, the stock hood looks good. Just not "Mustang" enough for me. I have had a Mustang from the age of 16 and all have had a hood scoop.

There is really not that much difference between the Saleen and VIS hood. I carried the VIS hood myself to the back of my Expedition and placed it in the back myself. I can't really say how much it weighed but I am guessing about 30 pounds.

The VIS hood is susposed to wiegh about 1/2 what the stock hood weighs but I have no idea what the stock hood weighs. I guess I will know when I bring it home from the body shop. By the way, anyone want to buy a stock hood cheep? LOL.

The VIS hood is fiberglass and has a deflecter built inside so water does not dump on the motor when washing or in the rain. The Saleen hood is made of a PVC type plastic and lacks this feature. So if you buy the Saleen hood, don't drive it in the rain. I am told the plastic used in the Saleen hood weighs the same as the fiberglass.

I looked at two cars with the Saleen hood and really liked the look. The actual differences are so slight, I really can't see spending 2K for the Saleen hood (painted and installed) when you can have the VIS hood (better quality) painted and installed for less then $650. I will ask $300 for my stock hood and reduce my total to $350.

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