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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
Damn, now you're making me wonder...
The Saleen hood is made of highly durable RIM injected material (whatever that means...), I wonder what's the difference of the weight between the Saleen and VIS...

Did you saw them side by side in person?
I do agree that the price of the Saleen is nuts, but why is that? Can't be because just of the name...

The VIS has a deflecter you say? That goes where? It would be nice to have a pic of that...

I also wonder how you gonna sell your stock hood...
I dont know the weight difference between the hoods but they say they weight approximately the same.

No, I went to the dealership you posted and looked at the Saleen hood then went to the VIS building and looked. I then did photo side by side.

Yes, the deflector on the VIS hood is under the scoop and directs the water to the sides so the water does not drop on the motor and possibly ruin your electrical system. The Saleen hood lacks this feature.

Probably on e-bay or Craigslist. I figure the stock hood sells for $500 from the dealerships so getting $300 should be easy. I may even sell it to my body shop guy in trade for the paint and install. The hood fits 2010, 2011 and 2012 models so he may go for it.

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