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Originally Posted by yankefan987 View Post
Hi Deysha, I also have the same issue. It seems even in warm mornings as this past summer, when the car is started up and i immediately put it into gear ie reverse or drive the car simply doesn't react and waits anywhere from 10-20 seconds until finally kicking into gear with a noticeable bump. What do you recommend?
My transmission isn't doing that at ll. There's no issues when putting it into gear. It's more of a slight hesitation when first accelerating especially under harder acceleration. Not talking about wot. Last night I experienced this and the car was fairly warmed up. At least been running for about 3 or 4 minutes before I left the neighborhood and had to merge on to the freeway. I was going very slow and pushed the accelerator about half throttle and the nose actually dropped down as if the car was going to cut off and then came shooting back all at once. Very jerky..

Thank you for the support Deysha. As soon as I can I'll call the dealership and send you the requested information.
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