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Originally Posted by alex1980 View Post
First of all they look exactly the are ridiculous if you think other wise....why do I say that? Because its what I do....
That's sad, considering it's "what you do". They are not exactly the same. I hope you pay more attention to detail in your customer's vehicles.
Originally Posted by alex1980 View Post
everything worth some money and is sought after results in a Chinese copy....which is what the VIS hood is a copy of the SMS pay more if u want for the brand name at the end of the day when they are painted to match only Steve Saleen can maybe tell the diference...
I'm not Steve, and I can tell a very significant difference. The hood curvature in many areas. Chinese knockoff aren't always good. Look at the OBX knockoff's of Kooks LTH, horrible welds. "but they look the same"
Originally Posted by alex1980 View Post
these are the looks very similiar.....weighs more a real scoop.....has a mesh built it....costs a third.....and most of all fits well....
So which is it? The same, or similar? How can one be "more aggressive" if it's "exactly the same". Make up your mind, which is it. Similar, or exact?

Long story short, it's not a bad hood design. Both have their perks and flaws. It comes down to preference. I liked the Powerflow hood back when it was being made of aluminum, but now it's some injected material.

I have no quarrels with the stock hood, but I get the urge to have that Saleen hood all too often.

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