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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
Long time no see Digital Synapse, nice to see you here again! What are your thoughts about the open Saleen hood scoop to the engine and its lack of a "water reflector" does it bother you or not?
Haha, I come by every now and then. I skim the boards once or twice a week, not alot of new info in here. I'm usually scouring 11 boards or so at any given time. My thoughts have been expressed as far as the outer aesthetics go. The fit and finish from what I've seen posted here show the Saleen to be of higher quality. The Saleen hood edges are even with the fenders, where the Vis hood has a buckle about halfway. It's not horrible, but if you're in a car show on the national level, or care what it is going to look like after 6 years, it makes a difference. Same goes for the underhood finish, and it is incomplete on the VIS. That's alright for a DD, but if you compete in road racing or 1mi strip, with sustained speeds over 100mph, I'd vote Saleen, and in either case, hood pins. The first Saleen Powerflow hoods were aluminum, but the new injected ones I'd do pins for added safety. >140mph I'd tape off the scoop, don't want the hood getting ripped off.

Also, my thoughts on the underside and supposed "lack of deflector". This is an incorrect observation, clearly shown on both pics. Thanks to both parties for supplying the good angles on the pics.

The Vis hood (seen in post #89) has a different bracing structure on its underside from the Saleen, so less structural integrity and different underhood air flow. It looks to be smooth back from the scoop, so unresricted air would flow straight back, the afterthought bolted in "deflector" with front gap helps to direct the air downwards and water as well, the bulk of the water (and debris) will hit the back and flow around leaking out the front so long as it stays clear of debris like leaves dirt, etc. Water looks like it will flow harmlessly onto the radiator cover/shroud.

The Saleen hood (seen in post #40) has a better brace under the hood for distributed strength in the event of an accident (I'm pretty sure VIS doesn't crash test their hoods to make them DOT approved, but I don't know that for a fact, maybe someone could supply some concrete data) and if you notice the brace that is right behind the scoop acts as a deflector. Air/water is directed downwards at that point and onto the radiator, no need for extra baffles slowing air speed. Air does not turn upwards and backwards without something directing it to, and there is nothing there that I see. This design is similar to the 2010+ GT500's. This is how the scoop is designed.

Also, if you were to test the underhood pressures at that location, you'd see that pressure is low, so the added air is just going to be hitting some resistance slowing it down, as air at that exact spot in the hood would like to escape, not enter.

None of what I say is based off assumptions, but concrete facts in my experience with physics, airflow, and underhood pressures/temperatures. If you don't agree with what I've stated, please enlighten me, but do so with data. I'd love to learn more about pretty much anything. If I'm wrong about something, please correct me, so I can have things squared away. This is supposed to be one big knowlege base of a community where we all share info with each other so everyone can make educated purchases with all the info they can get to make the best descisions. $700-$1600 is no joke, that's alot of moolah. In the end, if you want to go either way, I think you'll be ok. If quality and safety are more important to you, regardless of price, go with Saleen. If you go with Vis, I would say you're getting a decent product, with minimal differences for a savings in half price.

I don't like people stealing designs or ideas and reaping the benifit without doing the work. Body parts, performance parts, art, entertainment, or anything of the sort. I also don't pirate movies or music. Soooo take that for what it's worth.

Originally Posted by GT STYLE View Post
The Saleen hood just sprays the water back over the entire motor and electrical system.
Do you know this for a fact? Have you seen this happen? Do you have pics?

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