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Originally Posted by Thereaper View Post
There is a very small percentage of problems with these cars and that's why Ford has it on the back burner.
What do you consider a small percentage? Dude, its enough that it is literally all over the internet and now everybody is dinging the Mustang. Its not hear say. Its real. And its real enough that Jd Powers and others are down rating them. Its also real enough that resale has tanked out. Thats real and not hear say. IM not sure what else you need. NTHSA is on it also. This is not one of Fords better moments.

For the purist like me the 11 and 12 will go down in history as ones to stay away from. Im not taking the chance. Winter is coming on and then just watch the complaints go up. What ever the percentage is its way too high. The 99 Cobra issue is looking pretty mild about now compared to this mess.

Im honestly glad I dont own one right now as much as I like and respect Mustangs.
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