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Originally Posted by calchan View Post
I don't even put Jmatero on ignore, why should i put you? Explain to me why almost every single one of your 73 posts are about the transmission problem when you don't even have a Mustang? At least Jmatero have one. Stop trolling and go drive your Dodge.
I have just as much of a right to post on this forum as you do. My posts are because I wanted to buy a new 5 liter GT and then all hell broke loose. I tend to not drink the Ford Kool aid like you. I can see the writing on the wall.

By the way, I owned 4 Mustangs before my Dodge so put that in your pipe and smoke it. Im as much of the Mustang community as you are. I just got scared off by Fords lack of service and sorry ass quality control. The numbers dont lie. Quality at Ford is now job 17. The bean counters and attorneys run the show.

I will spend my money how I damn well please and dont need your advice. Ford has lost two sales because of this debacle in my case and will likely lose many more. I hope it cuts them deep.

Two words of advice to you. Grow up.

By the way Im driving my Dodge without transmission issues. It was not made in China.
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