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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
Alright guys, I have bad news for the Saleen Hood lovers like me, I did some testing today with water on the hood scoop and it's official, there is no " deflector" at all on that hood scoop...

Wash your car, drive under the rain, get some dust or bugs, it will all get inside, and your engine will be a mess! I can't believe Saleen didn't think of anything here...
Glad I made that test before going any further with that hood... But watch the video I made, it's better than words...:

Saleen S302 Powerflow Hood - YouTube

So now, I do not have many options:
1) Still get the Saleen Hood and have to block the hood scoop so nothing gets in lol
2) Get the VIS Hood, I like it also, I just prefer the look from the front of the Saleen hood where the lines flow better I think, but the VIS is nice too
3) Stay with the stock hood
4) Find another one; I'm gonna wait until I go to the Sema Show in Las Vegas, as I might find something there that I'll like too, who knows...

Anyway, I'm really disappointed about the Saleen Hood...
In all fairness to the Saleen hood. You would have to be driving in some very bad weather to get as much water in the scoop as in that test. With that being said. I have done the same thing to my VIS hood and only got a few drops on the engine. It looks like the Saleen hood filled the entire top of the intake manifold. LOL. The water deflector works very well in the VIS hood. I will try to make a video tomorrow.

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