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Originally Posted by stang93mustang View Post
Perfect timing for checking back in! I may not have gotten faster this summer but I still can talk crap with these guys. Norstang is the closest to me with his first time to the track with the car (mad respect and I was there to witness it!)

I don't care.......These V6 guys can't F with the boat anchor!:hihi::hihi:

I just wish I had some more BBF's that can back me up. Looks like I will partner with BBF (Windsors!) What you got.......if you don't at least have 400+ ci, you better side with the V6's! hahaha

Side note: This smack talkin is open to anyone the only rules is that you have to at least know what your talking about and can back up what your smack talkin about!
Thank you Mr BB. I can't wait to get behind the wheel of my car again and not do the wussy lounge I did, hehe
Think my V6 will put a little scare in a few V8s on this side of the globe :hihi:

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