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hey guy's I'm new to this conversation, but I talked with GT Style and he told me he picked it up himself from the vis racing. ....
ok. So. I pulled the trigger on the stalker hood. I've read that the stalker is actually better Construction and design than the saleen counter part. I called VIS directly and they said they would match a price of $560+125 shipping = $680. buttttttt...they wouldn't ship it to the body shop because my billing address didn't match the body shop address.
Unless I went to Bank of Amexica and dropped a deposit to their account. Eph that ...I dumped bank of amexica years ago cuz they loan out to illegals. Soooo. I did some more searching and finally .... I got mine from Octane Motorsports out of Cali.
I paid $450+ 175 for shipping for a total of $625, paid with my debit card and shipped to the body shop.
Now I just wait....and wait....
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