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Originally Posted by jherrman3 View Post
I've had my 2012 GT for three weeks now. Ordered the GT500 axlebacks from AM and they arrived quickly and well packaged. Very happy with the sound improvement. A pleasant transaction with AM.

I also want to Thank AM for sponsoring this forum. I have been a lurker here for over a year and definitely can say that I've learned a good bit. There are a number of 'Stang forums out there... I visit one or two from time to time but AllFordMustangs is the best.

Thanks so much for the kind words and support!

Glad to hear that you are pleased with the Gt500 Mufflers, they are definitely a great choice!

It's our pleasure! The forums are a great resource and meeting place for all Mustang enthusiasts and this is by far one of the best out there! Thank YOU for being a part of it!

Please let me know if I may be of assistance in the future!

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