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Originally Posted by nuclearjunky View Post
Bumping this thread because it happened to me yesterday. It rained yesterday but wasn't raining when I left work. The roads were wet but not soaked. I always turn off advance trac when I drive the car but yesterday I just put it in sport mode. I'm pulling out of the plant on a long straight road easing through the gears shifting about 3500. No spin whatsoever and at the top of 3rd fixing to shift when I see the traction control light start blinking and I think, what's it blinking for, I'm not spinning. About 2 seconds after that the car lurches into the left lane and it feels like I have a flat. Then I notice the engine sputtering and backfiring and then lurches to the right. I get control of the car and feather the gas and no response from the motor. I then realize whats going on, advance trac is trying to kill me. I hit the button and turn everything back on but it's still alternating the brakes and pulling me left and right. The motor's still misfiring and I start to pull off to the side and everything just stops acting up and goes back to normal. I shift into second and pull away. I tried to recreate it several times withing the next few miles but couldn't. The whole episode lasted maybe 15 to 20 seconds but really caught me off guard at first. There's no use in taking it in if I can't reacreate the problem. Just wanted to post it for everybody else.

I've not had it happen again to me. I did have my tires road force balanced by dealership because they were off quite a bit. Not sure if that is what caused mine to go weird or not.

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