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Originally Posted by 2011gt85 View Post
Where is the 300hp rally car? Isn't that a front wheel drive Celica?

Nope its a st205 GT-four, a homologation model so toyota could race them in the WRC back in the 90s. Quite a big difference from the crap toyota sold over here. It's powered by a 3sgte the same motor from the MR2 but equipped with a water to air top mount intercooler and a much bigger turbo. Factory rated at 260hp but the fuel system is easily capable of supporting 330+hp which is easily reachable by nothing else than byassing the factory boost control. The car dominated in the WRC untill they got caught cheating.

I will confess I'm a bit of a addict for any of the old WRC cars and also own a ST185 A-spec GT-four for those really snowy days when I need a extra inch ground clearance

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