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a few tips...
Bandpass, what i ran in my trunk, is normally much smaller because it essentially turns your trunk into the sub box while still letting you get a tight bass, and it causes less rattle, but if you dynomat thats not an issue. I ran the same box in a rusted out 99 buick and my 95, didnt hear rattle in either car except for the cracked license plate frame.(You wanna sound good, not like an idiot right?)

I ran 2 10's in the trunk of my 95 GT, I got a lot of good bass from a bandpass that slid right in the trunk opening and still left me with enough space to take a week long road trip with a buddy and not cram our crap in there.

if you want to stay ported, get a good set of instructions and build a box out of MDF, theres a way to figure out how much volume the speakers you have will need, then just build the box to get that volume. glue all your joints before nailing or screwing them to make a good seal, otherwise all your work is pointless, and use MDF because its simply the best, most affordable material to do this with.

If you wanted to stay ported
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