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Now, I think my Shaker 1000 sounds absolutely fantastic. But then again, I'm not too into having perfect sound for my music. My Saturn Ion had only 16 watts so upgrading to the Shaker 1000 is a HUGE gain for me. It has pretty good bass for me, my Shaker 1000 shakes every damn window on my car and makes my trunk shake violently, which is very noticeable.. Even one of my friends made me play some Waka Flaka bull**** against my will and he said my sound system was "sick", which I'm guessing was a good thing. And a couple months ago, I even had some black guy at a stop light give me a thumbs up because of my Shaker. I mean, I was playing some Screamo, but still, it had major bass in the song. Metallica's song One, now that song I love jamming to with the speakers on high. But kids at my school have aftermarket amps and subs that are so much better. To be honest, I'm more into exhaust than a speaker system.

If you're an audiophile, then get aftermarket. I wont be replacing mine and I like it, but aftermarket would be better for your situation. Especially since you say you have a convertible.

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