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Originally Posted by nico1709 View Post
Hi guys.

I have had my 2011 base model mustang for almost a year now and I've wanted to upgrade the audio in it ever since but have never known how.

I'm 17 and I'll be going off to college in 8 months so I don't want to spend too much money, but I would really like to have some nice speakers to finish off my senior year of high school.

I would GREATLY appreciate it if someone could tell me the options I could take an approximately how much money it would cost to do those.

From the research I've done, I think the best idea would be to just simply replace the speakers with some new ones. (But I don't know which ones, or how to even do that) I say that because that seems like the easiest/cheapest upgrade to do, unless installing an amp is actually easy....

I would really appreciate some recommendations/advice on how to do all this.. thanks.
There have been several VERY good threads discussing which speakers to buy. Do a search. In this case, asking again means waiting and probably not getting all the best options.

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