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Originally Posted by white rider View Post
I was in your delimma when i got my mustang, and still sorta am. I am also in college and money is tight.

a sub wont make your sound system better, it will just make your base hit harder, but everything else will still sound like crap.

I installed 4 alpine type s speakers ( 2 in the front doors, and 2 in the rear deck) and it made a world of a difference. I got my alpines for 150 bc alpine was running a buy 1 get one 50% off special. Also the speakers are pretty straightforward on the install and there are many videos giving you step by step instructions on how to do it. If your just a little bit handy you can do the install

In February I am probably buying the pdx -f4 amp from alpine Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. which is pricey, but a very good amp. This install should be a little more complicated, but i plan on figuring it out as i go.

Obviously you dont have to get the amp i am, but this is what my speaker guy recommended. you can always do the speakers now and then do the amp later, that is what i did.

hope this helps
I have a lot of questions for you so I hope you don't mind haha.
what genres of music do you listen to? and how big of a difference did it make?
you have the base model right (not the shaker)?
was it really that easy to install the speakers in the door? ( is it just like harnesses that snap together + a few screws?)

how did you install the rear deck speakers?

could you PLEASE link me to a guide showing how to install speakers on the 2010-2012 mustangs? ive been searching forever and so far none have been too in-depth ... thanks so much for your help
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