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Originally Posted by nico1709 View Post
I have a lot of questions for you so I hope you don't mind haha.
what genres of music do you listen to? and how big of a difference did it make?
you have the base model right (not the shaker)?
was it really that easy to install the speakers in the door? ( is it just like harnesses that snap together + a few screws?)

how did you install the rear deck speakers?

could you PLEASE link me to a guide showing how to install speakers on the 2010-2012 mustangs? ive been searching forever and so far none have been too in-depth ... thanks so much for your help
i listen to mostly rock, hard rock, sometimes ill throw in some party music which includes rap and hip hop and techno.

the speakers made a huge difference, the clarity is so much better, however without the amp there is still distortion at the peak of your volume. i cannot yet comment on how well they are with the amp, however i have been told it will be a "kick ass sound system"

yes, i have the base model and not the shaker.

the door speakers are pretty easy. here is how you do all the speaker, this video is for a 2009, however i think the install was nearly identical, if not the exact same. 2005-2009 Ford Mustang Speaker Replacement How-To Guide - YouTube

you can connect your speakers a few different ways, you can buy a harness and attach that to your speaker and then just clip that in with the harness that is already in the car, or you can just cut off the harness and connect your wires a way of your choosing. ( i cut off the harness and soldered my wires together, however a clamp or something like thatI'mm sure would do fine.)

the rear deck was a pain in the a$$, but do able. I followed this video for my install and everything works great.

Edit: for speakers size you need 5/7s. that is what you couldn'tt read of your own writing. Also the guy at my stereo shop said stick to 2 way speakers, bc 3 ways are "crap". he also said alpines are the best bang for your buck. but to each their own.

2012 v6 white, base, performance package, borla ATAKs, 4 alpine type s speakers, 35% tint

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