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Originally Posted by nico1709 View Post
about how long do you think it took?

would you recommend doing it yourself?

where can you get those harnesses at? (or is it not worth it to get the harnesses)

and lastly, what was the hard part about the rear deck?

the fronts are not a problem, now that i know what I'm doing i could have the doors on and off in 15 min. i probably took 45min- an hour on each door the first time, just making sure i did it right, cutting and soldering the wires.

the rears were a pain, the hardest part was just getting the rear deck out bc you have to really wiggle everything around to make it fit. Also the speakers didn't fit perfectly so i had to jimmy them in and there isn't much room to work with. it was just time consuming, i probably took 2 hours for the rears? maybe longer?

if you have basic tools in your garage or can get a hold of them i would do it. Unless having a shop install them is less than 25 bucks its not worth it. just make sure you have all the right tools before you start. you need a ratchet with fitting heads (11mm maybe? and whatever is said in the video), a torx bit, something to pry out the plastics without scratching them, screwdriver, and a wire stripper.

this is the harness you would need i think, one for every speaker, so 2 sets Ford Speaker Harnesses 1999-up, speaker adapter plugs at the only upside to a harness is if you have to take your speakers out for some reason you dont have to cut and reconnect with solder or clamps or whatever you use. you still have to connect the end of your speakers to the end of that wiring harness.

yes those are the speakers i have. they fit

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