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2012 Mustang V6 Base After Market Amplifier Installed!!

I researched on this forum how to run the wires and strip the car interior and everything went pretty well considering I am not a professional installer. I don't know exactly if there will be any negative consequences of what I did. It worked for me and now my mustang is Bumping!!

I installed the following:

Hifonics 1000.1D amplifier (amazon $127)(hooked at 2ohms 750 watts Rms)
(2) 10" Kenwood Performance Series Subs 300 RMS Watt each (2 for $84.99 bestbuy black friday)
DB links 4 gauge Amp wire kit (amazon $26)
PAC Line Out Converter (amazon $14)

I connected the ground to the screw that holds the passenger side rear backseat back support using two clean washer.

I had a very hard time finding where to connect the blue Remote wire. Some of the threads out there say of a few places you can tap at the passenger compartment fuse panel. Unless I am stupid and could not count the fuse positions, I could not find a single one that was not ON all the time. I was getting mad and I had to call it a day because I had to go out with the wife. When I have more time I will check every single fuse in that compartment. Maybe the layout is different for the 2012, I don't why none of the "spare: hot in run or Acc" did not work. The keys were not even in the ignition and they were on. I know there is a 10 min timer switch for my car but I literally stayed in my car locked car for 10 mins and looked at my amp to see if it would turn off after the time, it did NOT.

So what did I do for this connection?

I moved to under the hood. To the Power Distribution Box in the engine compartment. Fuse location #39 which is a five amp fuse, based on my manual it protects the rear defroster coil.

Its exactly what I wanted. If I turn off the car the amp will turn off but the radio and stock speakers will continue playing for the usual 10mins more. I like that because I don't want the amp pulling power when the car is off anyways. Now I just need to secure the subwoofer box as my 300 horses make it move more than it should.

You guys have any ideas or suggestions to my remote wire method? Please specify why, as I would like to learn from my mistakes.

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